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Biscup Spine patients benefit from a pioneering quality of care developed by Dr. Robert S. Biscup, a world-renowned innovator of spine surgeries. Dr. Biscup was appointed to the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and developed 13 patents for tools, methods and systems that revolutionized spinal surgery over his 30-year-career. He develops thoughtful, customized treatment plans and personally performs all spinal procedures at Biscup Spine. Patients benefit from his unrivaled medical expertise and caring approach. His legendary, first of its kind, spine concierge practice achieves extraordinary patient outcomes.

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Nearly 80 percent of the world's population will experience back pain, making it the fifth most common reason people see a doctor according to the National Institutes of Health, and yet, Dr. Biscup knows that each person's condition is unique. He treats all spinal orthopedic conditions, achieving extraordinary outcomes even for patients who previously have been told that nothing more can be done to address their pain. The Biscup Spine team is deeply motivated to decrease your pain, increase your mobility and improve your quality of life.

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